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Lucia Briant

On every family trip since I was a teenager, I’ve always been in charge of the itinerary. On a holiday to NYC when I was 16, I drafted a line-by-line schedule of every restaurant, show and street we would see with anticipated reviews next to each, based on extensive research. So you could say I’ve always been a bit of a planner and fixer of things. 

It turns out, that New York trip was easy. During my ten years in Marketing, TV Production and Hospitality, there have been many wonderfully strange and last minute challenges to solve. I’ve had some amazing adventures in London producing large-scale media campaigns for corporates including Google and Microsoft, working as a PA to 7 TV directors, and serving as Brand Manager at NBC Universal for E! and Movies 24.         

Eventually, my deep-rooted love for food lead me to the seafood delights of Rick Stein, Sandbanks, where I was Senior Host.  It was after this stint that I decided to set up LoveMyPA and work closely with business owners to provide an entirely on-demand service, built upon the fluid world we now live in. Whether it's event planning, business development, agent services, marketing support or day-to-day project management that you need, it’s my job to make sure your business runs as efficiently and wonderfully as you deserve it to.