Google Partners: GAME ON

After what felt like a lifetime ago working in media, it was a nostalgic thrill to be part of the conceptual phase of Phantom's international campaign, 'Game On', for Google Partners.

Google Partners work with boutique Old Street agency, Phantom, on all of their immersive digital activations where ground-breaking tech and powerful story-telling are at the heart of each project. 

The brief for Game On 2018 was to conceptualise a theme which could be naturally threaded throughout key points during the year, while the initiative empowers, trains and supports creative agencies of all sizes. At a time where agencies now struggle to stand out amidst a crowded market place, Google Partners provide exclusive insights, tools and top notch training to bolster knowledge and leverage maximum awareness. 

I worked closely with the creative team as we conceptualised three wildly different options for Partners, each incorporating progressive, interactive technologies which would evolve over the course of the year, alongside the agencies performance in the campaign. I also initiated the budgets and detailed timeline, factoring in review periods for key stakeholders across 63 different markets.